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Balance Payment and Overtime are due in full on the day of event.
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Other Items and Policies
The Client agrees to provide sufficient and reliable electrical power within a reasonable distance of the disc jockey’s setup location. If the setup location is outside, the client agrees to provide adequate shelter to protect the equipment from adverse weather conditions. Max James LLC will be allowed access to location at least 1 hour prior to the event for setup and at least one hour after the event for tear-down. The client has agreed to pay 25% of the total amount for deposit to reserve his/her event date. Deposits may be waived on a case by case basis. The remaining balance can be paid by check or cash. If paying by personal check, payment must be received in full by the date of the event. Client is liable for returned checks, in addition to any late charges. A $30 non-sufficient funds charge will be imposed for each returned check.
Cancellation Policy
Max James LLC requires a 30-day cancellation on all events. If The Client’s event is not canceled within this time frame, Max James LLC reserves the right to bill for the entire amount signed on the contract.
This contract shall be considered initiated at such time when both parties (Max James LLC and Client) affix their signatures to the appropriate line below. Please note that delays incurred due to factors beyond the DJ’s control such as lack of or faulty electrical outlets, insufficient space available to perform, etc., shall not alter the start and end times agreed upon originally in this contract. A copy of this contract will be provided for all parties involved below.
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I, the applicant for this contractual agreement, warrant the truthfulness of the information provided in this application.
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